Draft national perspective plan under Sagar Mala project released

The MoS has released the draft national perspective plan under the Sagar Mala project. A total of 150 projects involving port modernisation, connectivity, port-led industrialisation and coastal community development have been identified under the plan. These entail an investment of Rs 4,000 billion. The draft plan has identified 40 port modernisation projects and six mega port locations. It has also identified 27 clusters (nine energy, five materials and 13 discrete manufacturing) under the “pillar” of port-led industrialisation and 14 projects under the coastal community development pillar. Moreover, 65 projects have been proposed to enhance port connectivity to production and consumption centres. These projects involve the development of infrastructure for about 10,000 km consisting of last-mile port connectivity projects, 12 new expressways, heavy-haul rail corridors for transporting coal, new pipelines for transporting crude and petroleum products, and the development of inland waterways and new multimodal logistics hubs.


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