NHAI issues code of conduct for toll plaza operators

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued a code of conduct for toll plaza operators. NHAI contractors/concessionaires are mandated to comply with the prescribed policy guidelines and standards. A uniform dress code has also been issued and it is to be followed by staff at toll plazas throughout the country. NHAI has also circulated a standardised format for displaying toll rates/concessions/ exemptions on billboards that concessionaires/contractors are mandated to put up. Toll plaza personnel must be given a minimum training of seven days to acquaint them with the dos and don’ts prescribed by NHAI and to ensure that they behave courteously and help road users in emergencies. The personnel are to carry a certificate of training for verification during surprise checks by NHAI. Concessionaires/ Contractors must maintain a register of plaza staff, including the details of their pre-job training.


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