Centre approves implementation of Rs 36.79 billion National Hydrology Project

The central government has approved the implementation of the National Hydrology Project (NHP) across the country. The project will be undertaken as a centrally sponsored scheme with a total outlay of Rs 36.79 billion. Of this, the World Bank is providing assistance worth Rs 18.39 billion and the remaining will be contributed by the central government. Further, Rs 36.4 billion has been earmarked for the NHP and the remaining for setting up the National Water Informatics Centre. The NHP is aimed at the setting up of a system for the reliable acquisition, storage, collation and management of water resource data. It will also provide decision support systems for enhanced water resource assessment, flood management, reservoir operations, drought management, etc. Among other things, the scope of the NHP involves the implementation of a hydromet monitoring and data acquisition system and water resource management systems.


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