Megaplast India Private Limited

Megaplast India Private Limited is a manufacturer of Geomembranes of 8 meters (m) width adhering to GRIM GM3 standards. It’s manufacturing facility is in Daman with the state of art technology imported from Italy. Megaplast has a three-layer co-extrusion Geomembrane plant.

The key features of Megaplast Geomembranes include long term durability of strength, flexibility, UV and chemical resistance. They are extensively used in civil and agricultural fields, irrigation, water and solid waste management, fluid conveyance and containment, ash ponds, landfill closures, ponds and reservoirs, irrigation canals and waste treatment plants.

Some of the advantages of Megaplast Geomembranes include:

  • 8 m width mean fewer field seams, faster, more efficient installations and less opportunity for leakage
  • Liners are inspected at three places stringently at procurement of RM, during manufacturing and finished product
  • Environmental stress and crack resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High UV resistance
  • High thermal resistance

Megaplast sets high standards of quality by maintaining quality control with a fully equipped laboratory. Carefully testing at three places right from testing of raw materials followed by on-line testing and then on finished products ensuring the best product and best quality. This combination of outstanding resources, dedicated employees and the latest technologies with professional management makes Megaplast a leader.

Megaplast can offer the following benefits to its customers:

  • Quality product as per GRI-GM13standards
  • Clients can manage with low inventories as the transit time from factory to places in India is few days only as compared to other imported Geomembranes.
  • It enables the clients to plan the financials properly as there is no need to worry on fluctuations in dollar versus rupee. No Hedging is required.

Megaplast has tested their Geomembranes and received certificates from established third party laboratories in the United States of America and Europe.


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