Maharashtra government approves funds for water and sewage projects

The Urban Development Department of the Maharashtra government has issued a notificationapproving funds for 18 sewage and water management projects being implemented by14 municipal corporations across the state. In order to ensure their timely completion, the state government has agreed to provide 80 per cent of the centre’s pending share for the projects. The remaining 20 per cent of the project costs will be borne by respective civic agencies. Under this notification, the state government will provide Rs 672.4 million to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation for the city’s 24×7 water supply project. The Nagpur Improvement Trust is likely to get Rs 1.01 billion for a water supply project for the city’s unauthorised areas. Other key projects which will avail of funding under the notification include sewage management projects in the Saoner, Kalmeshwar and Katol municipal councils.


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