February 2016
EDITOR Devangshu Datta

February 2016

An analysis by India Infrastructure Research of large projects across the infrastructure space indicates that vast opportunities exist although current performance has been patchy. On the positive side, the pace of road-building has clearly accelerated, […]

Haridas Menon
Chief Operating Officer, Greenko Group

February 2016

Haridas Menon, chief operating officer, Greenko Group, has over 30 years of experience across the conventional and renewable energy segments. At Greenko, Menon is responsible for driving the wind and solar business of the company. […]

Smart Drive
Port cities and asset management

February 2016

Indian ports are exploring smart and sustainable solutions for improving their performance and efficiency. Besides an increased focus on smart asset management in port operations, new smart port cities are also being planned. Smart port […]

JNPT planning to accept port fees in US dollars

February 2016

JNPT is planning to accept vessel-related charges in US dollars, to help earn foreign currency and thus add to India’s foreign exchange reserves. Currently, ships pay in rupee equivalent. Under the new system, JNPT will […]

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